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Gathering the Hours: What the Bible Says About God, Time, and Eternity

What is time? We mark its passage with calendars, clocks, and watches yet we cannot hold it in our hands. It does not make a sound but grandfather clocks and church bells sound out its passage. It is invisible to the eye but the lillies of the field radiate God's glory spring after spring. To the young it is limitless, but to the wise it is not a renewable resource.

Therefore, how we spend our days on earth is of great importance. In contrast, God exists outside of time and views our lives from an eternal perspective. Is it possible to develop that perspective, too?

From the feasts of Israel to the New Jerusalem, this study explores time, aging, and eternity from a Biblical point of view. It also examines what will happen when time finally comes to an end.

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Gathering the Swarm: What the Bible Says About God and the Insect World

There are over one million known species of insects in the world. They exist on every continent and have even been taken into space. Despite their diminutive size, God has used them to serve several mighty purposes.

From the plagues of Exodus to the Israelites' entry into the Promised Land, insects have played a pivotal role in the course of the Biblical events. God has also used insects as a means of judgment and to make a point: that He is sovereign over even the tiniest of creatures.

He has also given them wisdom that continues to inspire and mystify. When the End Times arrive, these miniature wonders will rise to prominence again.

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Gathering the Artists: What the Bible Says About God, Art, and Creativity

It is easy to call God the Creator of heaven and earth. Why then is it hard to call Him creative?

From Moses' tabernacle to the temples in Jerusalem, God demonstrated a passion for artistic beauty as well as purpose. Moreover, He desired to have mankind join Him in the creation process.

This book explores those interactions and discusses how God gifted, empowered, and worked with artists throughout the Bible. From musicians to writers to prophets-turned-actors, God partnered with artisans to create works of art that were a shadow of things to come.

For modern artists that incorporate faith into their work, this book will be an encouragement.

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The Fire and the Anvil (Secrets of the Elements Book III)

Storm researcher John Sayers sets out to interview one of his heroes, Dr. James Ferganut, a reclusive inventor of robotic insects and a pioneer in storm research. As Dr. Ferganut's enigmatic past comes to light, the hills around them ignite and the fire sparks a tornado.

John soon discovers the fire is no accident. A rival inventor, Dr. Julius Minton, emerges and declares he is merely finishing a game started years before. It is a game played with thousands of lives at stake and weapons that can alter the weather in an instant.

This is part three of a five-part series.

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Windows Out

Two rival robotics engineers visit an abandoned Martian battlefield and discover they are not alone. A scientist flies an electric crow through time to steal a breakthrough device only to find his moves are being countered by a future version of himself. A reporter doubts a scientist�s claim of teleportation until he meets the scientist�s son over a cup of strange tea.

From the edge of space to the depths of the sea, these tales are windows to worlds beyond our own. These worlds are bounded only by the drive and imagination of those who inhabit them.

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The Hammer of Amalynth (Secrets of the Elements Book II)

When storm researcher John Sayers is nearly electrocuted in a church basement during a storm, he discovers the lightning strike may not have been an act of God. Together with cult researcher Madeline Kinney, they unearth evidence that a scientist named Dr. Amalynth has developed a way to call fire down on his enemies.

Along the way John meets Dr. Ferganut, a reclusive professor and inventor who offers clues to Dr. Amalynth's past and future. At the same time John finds he must overcome his own past and help Madeline to face hers if they are to stop Dr. Amalynth from striking again.

This is part two of a five-part series.

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Race the Sky (Secrets of the Elements Book I)

John Sayers is a storm researcher determined to crack the mystery of the violent weather that is ravaging his home state of South Dakota. After a failed test of his new tracking system, he encounters Madeline Kinney, a cult researcher who is pursuing a nefarious "church doctor" through a string of several small Midwestern towns. He dismisses her efforts until she reveals the church doctor may have taken the life of his friend.

As John perfects his system to predict the path of the next tornado, Madeline tries to rescue others from the spreading influence of the church doctor. Together they discover hidden forces at work in the sky and on the ground that culminate in a revival like no other.

This is the beginning of a five-part series.

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The Chronopticus Chronicles Series

Kyrk is on a mission to hit a Martian transport train loaded with precious metals. His new sidekick, Goldman, has other designs. When they both find their plans disrupted, Kyrk finds his new purpose may involve the people fleeing the settlements near the mines of Mars.

This story begins the series, a collection including The Mines of Mars (short story), Fractal Standard Time (short story collection), Ionotatron (novel), and Chronopticus Rising (novel).

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Chronopticus Rising (Book III of the Chronopticus Chronicles)

Pierce Steadman returns home expecting a hero's welcome, but instead finds himself out of a job and witnessing a Martian colony on the brink of collapse. Soon after, citizens are sorted by a futuristic Network tracking algorithm and the religious undesirables are rounded up.

Yet will the crackdown bring the settlements one step closer to "Eden"? Can the Network really predict the future? And why is a former smuggler walking the streets at night talking to streetlights?

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Ionotatron (Book II of the Chronopticus Chronicles)

When a construction accident takes out the mayor of Mars' largest domed city, Pierce Steadman, an architect and city council member, is elevated into the role. Tasked with overseeing the reconstruction of Magnopolis after the Great War, he sets out to separate the city from its Earth-inspired past and to restore hope to its population.

Yet other forces also have designs on the city. As references to God disappear from the Network Archives, those forces unleash a towering destructive robot unlike any other: Ionotatron.

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Fractal Standard Time (Book I of the Chronopticus Chronicles)

Can Eden be built on another planet? Several pioneers, explorers, and inventors aim to find out by establishing a permanent colony on Mars. One mathematician and scientist, Steven Entner, stakes his career on the idea and inspires several generations to come.

As his vision evolves through his descendants, so does the technology to implement it. With the technology comes an increasing mastery over the environment. In the wrong hands that technology may lead to their ultimate destruction...

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An inventor must use his wits and a box of electronic dragonflies to defeat a rival bent on revenge. To cheat death, a scientist uploads his mind online. Will his ideas endure or will they take everybody with him? A convict is sentenced to work at an intergalactic Bible factory, but will his attitude send him back home?

Corridors is a collection of tales set in a world of dreams and danger. It is a world inhabited by those who seek to push the limits of the mind. It is a world where technology comes to life or takes on a life of its own.

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Gathering the Wind

We've all read the headlines. Epic weather disasters of "Biblical proportions" involving floods, drought, tornadoes, and hurricanes seem to be occurring at a record pace. To some, it may seem as if the climate of the planet is going out of control.

Yet what does the Bible say about the weather? Does it say anything about climate change or global warming? Or has God simply left us to our own devices?

The Bible contains hundreds of verses that refer to the weather and who is in control of it. Scripture is filled with examples of how God has used weather both as a warning and as a blessing. It also contains examples of how weather has been used in times of battle and even as a means of judgment.

Building on examples from the past, present, and future, this book addresses weather and climate from a Biblical perspective. It also asks the question: where is God when disaster hits?

An audio sample of the first chapter is available here.

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If God does not play dice, does He ever play marbles? A gambling weatherman finds hope in the heart of a hurricane, amidst mounting losses. An ancient message arrives to a futuristic church...but is it too late?

Here are six short stories and twenty poems whose themes range from rollercoasters to fatherhood to the aftermath of a summer thunderstorm. From an underground library to a remarkable rescue in a Christmas Eve blizzard, each story is a venture to a new horizon.

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Theft at the Speed of Light

In a matter of minutes, thousands of checking accounts across America go empty.

Caught up in the theft is Alex Poole, a software engineer who works on house arrest and prisoner tracking systems. As a result, he switches his account to Aspirizon Bank--an institution well known for its friendly tellers, futuristic branches, and the ever-popular "Liberty Card".

But when he finds the bank is run by an ex-coworker and strange visitors start arriving at his door, he realizes the bank's vision of the future may come at a price few are willing to pay.

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An Echo Through the Trees

This is the story of Chase Krause, a man who sets out with his best friend, Josh, to camp for a weekend deep in the snow-filled wilderness. What starts off as the hunt of a lifetime quickly becomes the struggle of a lifetime.

It is a story of fathers and sons, broken relationships and healing, and triumph over circumstance. More importantly, it is a story of letting go.

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